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40 Modules

With a total of 40 modules that can be utilised by our programmes, we are the most comprehensive halal competency training provider in the world.


The global halal industry is growing, even when many industries are contracting. The Malaysian halal industry alone is projected to create 330,000 jobs by 2020.


Better trainers develop better students. We source for genuine subject matter experts available to train you.

Our Programmes


Certificate in HTCP Halal Logistics And Supply Chain

The halal food industry is growing progressively around the world. As such, the demand for halal trained and certified professionals especially in halal supply chain management and ecosystem is high. Reports …


Certificate in HTCP Halal Governance And Industry

This course covers the fundamentals of Halal and the Halal industry as a whole, including governance, certification, Halal market and its huge potential. Part of the programme also includes some …


Certificate in HTCP
Halal Science

Halal International Selangor (HIS), has created a range of Halal Training Programmes to increase the level of understanding on Halal and develop a pool of resources for the Halal industry. This is in …


Certificate in HTCP Halal

Advancement of modern science and technology has brought various potential benefits to humankind, but at the same time, ethical concerns, related to Muslims and Halal products. Theoretically, halal is possible …

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