Certificate in HTCP Halal Logistics And Supply Chain

The halal food industry is growing progressively around the world. As such, the demand for halal trained and certified professionals especially in halal supply chain management and ecosystem is high. Reports on halal fraud and contamination have increased over the years. The halal industry needs to tap on highly competent and trained halal professionals, especially in halal supply chain management in order to enhance the whole halal chain integrity. This, at the same time, will also strengthen the industry’s credibility and increase consumers’ trust.

This workshop emphasises on the fundamentals of halal supply chain management. It will highlight concepts and best practices in a halal supply chain from raw materials (halal ingredients) to end product, notwithstanding the significance of halal logistics, vertical versus horizontal halal supply chain approach, purchasing and halal banking and finance. There will also be a case study on the current halal supply chain food processes in comparison with halal integrity best practices of halal supply chain management.

Learning Outcome

At the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the fundamentals of Halal and Haram from Shariah perspective
  • Apply Halal principles on logistics service provider
  • Understand the requirements of Halal standard and certification related to logistics and supply chain industry

Course Outline

  • Understanding Halal and Haram in Islam
  • Halal Governance
  • Halal Assurance Management System
  • Introduction to Halal Supply Chain
  • Halal Audit Management: Supply Chain
  • Operational Sustainability for Halal Supply Chain (HCS)
  • Halal Risk Management

Duration: 3 days

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NOTE: Upon successful completion of the programme, participants will receive a Certificate of Achievement | Terms & Conditions apply