Certificate in HTCP Halal

Advancement of modern science and technology has brought various potential benefits to humankind, but at the same time, ethical concerns, related to Muslims and Halal products. Theoretically, halal is possible to be the benchmark for quality. It specifically refers whatever is permitted by Syariah Islamiah and applies to every activity carried out by mankind. With this in mind, we developed this training on Halal Pharmaceutical and Healthcare to create more talents equipped with the fundamentals of Halal, employing technical content from our experts. This creates more opportunity for participants to gain knowledge and know-how in the areas of Halal pharmaceutical, healthcare, analysis, laboratory, research and development, and related industries.

Learning Outcome

At the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the fundamentals of Halal and Haram
  • Understand Halal pharmaceutical product development
  • Understand Halal pharmaceutical audit management

Course Outline

  • Understanding Halal and Haram in Islam
  • Halal Governance
  • Halal Assurance Management System
  • Introduction to Halal Standard
  • Introduction to Halal Pharmaceutical & Healthcare Industry
  • Application of Halal Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Product
  • Halal Analysis : Introduction to Alcohol & Hand on
  • Halal Analysis : Gelatine
  • Forensic Analysis for Food Industry
  • Good Laboratory Practice & DNA Analysis
  • Halal Auditing for Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Product
  • Halal Audit Administration for Pharmaceutical and Healthcare
  • Workshop

Duration: 5 days

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NOTE: Upon successful completion of the programme, participants will receive a Certificate of Achievement | Terms & Conditions apply